November 25, 2011

New Front Struts, Mounts, Interior Trim and Such

Replaced both front shocks today with Monroe Sensa-Trac struts. The old 2 were blown, that's for sure! The clunking that was heard in the front driver's side is now gone. I reused the existing mounts and everything else, which will be replaced in the spring with lowering springs, new mounts, new shocks, etc.. but this will definitely last the winter now!

These are the new shocks in the box:

It was a fairly easy process, like most suspension is. In the spring with the lowering, I plan to take pictures and document along the way since there were a few socket sizes needed to get this completed!

I also noticed a couple things I need, as it appears the suspension has been worked on before. The 2 largest bolts at the bottom of the suspension were missing washers on the driver's side, and I'd like to get those replaced, perhaps if I can find them at the wreckers - just need 2 17mm sockets on either end to get them wrenched apart.

Also, the bump stop on the driver's side had the bottom corroded off of it, so I should likely be replacing all the bump stops when it comes time. The boots looked to be in good condition still, so I won't touch those. The 2 top mounts seemed fine, but getting rusted a bit and paint flaking, so since I've already bought those for all 4 corners they will definitely get replaced.

I also visited the wreckers again the other day and got a few other little things for later - blank switch panels, a couple more washer nozzles in case the Mazda Tribute ones don't satisfy me, etc...

I also picked up and installed Mazda Tribute washer nozzles that have more of a mist spray rather than 2 direct jets, which helps cover the window a bit better, even if it does spray a bit high!

And a comparison between the 2 - Tribute on the left, OEM Protege 5 ones on the right.

I worked a bit at the rear wiper arm aso, got it removed, but boy was there a lot of corrosion!

This was under the wiper arm - I'll have to keep spraying it in hopes I can loosen that nut to get it off, so it can be replaced at a later date!

Lastly, I got window switch covers with the CF style from a 2003 Protege 5, and here's the comparison with the switches transferred over - MUCH nicer in the interior too!

And... a bit closer in on them

November 23, 2011

Suspension Part Numbers

Tokico HP Struts:

Right Front: HB2223
Left Front: HB2224
Right Rear: HB2225
Left Rear: HB2226

Tokico Illumina Struts:

Right Front: BB2223
Left Front: BB2224
Right Rear: BB2225
Left Rear: BB2226

KYB Excel-G and GR-2 Struts:
Right Front: 333350
Left Front: 333351
Right Rear: 333276
Left Rear: 333277

KYB Strut Mounts:
Right Front: SM5427
Left Front: SM5427
Right Rear: SM5457
Left Rear: SM5458

KYB Strut Boots:
Right Front: SB101
Left Front: SB101
Right Rear: SB102
Left Rear: SB102

Monroe OESpectrum Struts:
Right Front: 71424
Left Front: 71425
Right Rear: 71588
Left Rear: 71589

Monroe Strut Mounts:
Right Front: 904983
Left Front: 904983
Right Rear: 904994
Left Rear: 904995

Monroe Strut Boots:
Right Front: 63631
Left Front: 63631
Right Rear: 63630
Left Rear: 63630

Monroe Coil Spring Insulator:
Right Front: 906942
Left Front: 906942
Right Rear: 905961
Left Rear: 905961

Mazda Protege 5 Remote Start Wiring Information


black/white, black
ignition harness
ignition harness
Second Starter
ignition harness
Second Ignition
ignition harness
Third Ignition
ignition harness
Second Accessory
Power Lock
lt green/red
module high in driver kick
Notes: This is a one wire system, must use relays. Lock requires negative trigger through a 1.5K resistor, Unlock requires a negative trigger to the same wire.
Power Unlock
same wire
Lock Motor
door lock relays
Notes: The door lock relays are located to the drivers side of the brake pedal.
Unlock Motor
door lock relays
Notes: The door lock relays are located to the drivers side of the brake pedal.
Parking Lights+
lt green/black
drivers kick panel
Parking Lights-
headlight switch
Turn Signal(L)
Turn Signal(R)
Reverse Light
Door Trigger
drivers kick panel
Dome Supervision
use door trigger
Trunk/Hatch Pin
at light in trunk
Hood Pin
Trunk/Hatch Release
Power Sliding Door
Factory Alarm Arm
Factory Alarm Disarm
Disarm No Unlock
diagnostic connector
Notes: The diagnostic connector is in driver side rear corner of the engine compartment. Can also find tach in pin 48 of the ECM.
Wait to start
Brake Wire
brake switch
Parking Brake
Horn Trigger
steering column
Memory Seat 1
Memory Seat 2
Memory Seat 3

Interface Module:
Immobilizer Bypass
Part #: N/A
Notes: N/A
Interface Module:
Door Lock Interface
Part #: 456LW
Notes: N/A

Wiper Information and Arm Sizes

Mazda Tribute wiper nozzles part number: EC01-67-50YA

Wiper arm sizes:

Driver's Side: 21"

Passenger Side: 19"

Rear Hatch: 14"

November 19, 2011

Mazda Protege 5 Fey FOB Programming Sequence

Here is the programming sequence for key FOB's for Mazda Protege 5's.
It's for existing or new key FOB's that you want your car to recognize.

  1. Open drivers door and leave open.
  2. Lock and unlock the drivers door using the power door lock switch on the door.
  3. Insert key into the ignition.
  4. Turn key to on position and return to off position. (IMPORTANT - use ON position NOT ACC position). Do this 3 times within 10 seconds. Leave key in the ignition.
  5. Open and close the drivers door 3 times. (Door should be left open after this step). 
  6. ECU should respond by locking and unlocking the doors.
  7. Press any button on remote #1. ECU responds by locking and unlocking the car doors.
  8. Press any button on remote #2 (etc.) Each time the ECU will respond by locking & unlocking the doors.
  9. Remove the key from the ignition and the ECU will respond a final time with a series of door locks and unlocks.

You're done!

November 16, 2011

Long Awaited Update

Here's an update to things that have been happening.. or in the case of the CEL, not happening (yay!)
CEL P0300 has still not returned, great news - I'm considering this resolved now!

Things I'm working on - headlight restoration. This has not started yet, but here's a couple pictures of the current state of the headlights.

As you can see, there's some fogging and altogether not the most clear. I'll be polishing the fog lamps at the same time, and if all goes well I'll do the tail lights also.

I also started work Nov 5th on the side mouldings - removing them. I finished them today and it looks great! Despite there being marks left over from it, I hope they will polish out and smooth over..


After, where in the last couple pictures you can see the marks that were left:

Few progress pics:

I also got my TWM Performance short shifter with polyurethane bushings today from UPS - not sure when it'll get installed, but hopefully soon before the winter hits!

Other notables recently - I visited a few local auto wreckers and got some replacement parts. New centre console with deeper cup holders and no cover. I also got 4 14" 5x114.3 steel rims from a Mazda 626 which fit on the Protege 5 for my winter tires, so I'll have those mounted shortly!


New current one:

I also got a new window switch cover for the driver's side, but couldn't source out the passenger side. I might have a lead on the passenger side, so they'll both get installed at the same time.

Current (silver):

New (CF look, from 2003 Protege 5's):

Lastly, I also sourced out some DGR lug nuts from a local web forum, TO Protege. The guy was from New Brunswick but he shipped them at a decent price, so I grabbed them, and YES they are purple!

Last thing to update is an overview picture of the car in it's current state before I get the winter tires on!

November 05, 2011

CEL Hasn't Returned

Met up with someone from Sarnia today (he was passing through London) and bought an OEM roof rack off him for $125 - best price I've seen! It's in great condition, comes with original box, 4 keys and all.

Found out my Yakima Raptor bike carrier will work on it (just had to snip a bit from the mounts for them to fit square bars). My Yakima snowboard carrier and fairing however, will not fit. Even with the mounts snipped on the snowboard carrier, the mounts attach vertically which makes them not work since the OEM bars are wider than they are tall. Will be on the look out for a new fairing and board carriers (that will fit round or square bars hopefully) now.

Also, CEL for the P0300 code has not come back since I did the coil packs and wires - bonus! Time will tell if the code stays away, but for now I'm hopeful that it's cleared up